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Experienced And Skilled Legal Separation Assistance

In Ohio, marriages may be terminated by legal separation, annulment, divorce or dissolution. But in a legal separation, however, the marriage remains legally intact.

If you are interested in filing for a legal separation, The Meadows Law Firm is committed to helping you fulfill your goals. With more than 45 years of collective experience, our West Chester  family law attorneys have helped countless of clients obtain the most favorable outcome possible in their cases – and we are confident that we can do the same for you.

Why Do Couples Want A Legal Separation?

There are a variety of life circumstances where two people want to live separately, but do not wish to end their marriage. For example, religious beliefs may cause them to keep the matrimonial union intact. Or, for practical reasons, one spouse needs to continue receiving employee medical insurance coverage for the other spouse.

How Do I Get A Legal Separation?

A legal separation can be obtained by filing an action that alleges one or more grounds. A majority of these grounds are similar to those used to obtain a divorce, such as adultery, incompatibility, willful absence for over a year, gross neglect of duty, extreme cruelty, or habitual drunkenness.

In addition, all of the temporary orders and procedures in a divorce case also apply for a legal separation case.

Interested In Filing For Legal Separation?

Our southwest Ohio family lawyers can review your case and determine if legal separation is best for your situation. Do not hesitate to get experienced and trustworthy legal help immediately.

Contact us and request a free 30-minute consultation today.

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