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Photo of Jeff Meadows and Catherine Ritzmann
Photo of Jeff Meadows and Catherine Ritzmann
Photo of Jeff Meadows and Catherine Ritzmann
Proven Representation

Defend Yourself After A DUI Arrest

Being arrested for DUI is something that you likely never expected to happen, especially if you have always been very careful about not getting behind the wheel after drinking. Regardless of the circumstances that have led to your arrest, you deserve to be treated fairly.

At Meadows Law Firm, our Southwest Ohio DUI defense lawyers genuinely care about protecting your rights and making sure that you receive high-quality, effective defense. With 45+ years of combined experience, we are dedicated to using our experience and knowledge to fighting for you and against your DUI.

Let us know the specifics of your case during a complimentary consult.

What You Can Expect After An Arrest

One of the most crucial parts of your case is the arrest process. We will carefully examine the arresting law enforcement’s actions, review how the sobriety test was conducted, and determine if any mistakes or questionable conduct occurred during the process.

If we can prove that there was a violation of your rights, we may be able to get the charges dropped or have your case entirely thrown out. There are specific steps that law enforcement must take before arresting you, and these procedures must be respected at all times.

In order to make a legal arrest, the officer must have:

  • Had probable cause to pull you over
  • Cause to request a breathalyzer test
  • Read you your Miranda Rights
  • Correctly administered the breathalyzer test
  • Witnessed a criminal level BAC (.08) on the breathalyzer test

Your First Case Consultation Is Free

Regardless of the details of your situation, you will need a lawyer who can help identify the issues at hand and help to clear your name. We will even offer you a free case evaluation to give you an opportunity to learn more about your rights and the options we may use to help you. We offer this consultation to you free of charge and obligation.

If you are ready to have a skilled Butler County and Southwest Ohio DUI lawyer review your case, call our firm today at 513-454-6746!

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