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Gray divorce financial worries in Ohio

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2022 | Divorce

A gray divorce could leave spouses dealing with troubles they never expected. Going from married to single life as an older person previously married for many years may have financial implications. Ohio couples who are over 50 could benefit from examining their new financial situation and figuring out ways to handle it.

Financial concerns for people over 50

A gray divorce could lead to a significant decrease in one or both spouses’ standard of living. Essentially, newly separated people may no longer combined incomes to cover living expenses. One ex-spouse may incur costs not previously their responsibility, such as insurance policies, rent, and other essential things.

Compounding the concerns would be the impending arrival of retirement age. An older person might not be able to work the same schedule as when they were younger. Life on a fixed income may soon arrive.

The scope of financial concerns could expand as someone ages. Persons who never suffered health-related problems could experience medical issues later in life. Worries about possible health care needs could also guide decisions to seek substantial spousal support.

Addressing financial matters in the divorce

It would be wise for someone over 50 to look carefully at all financial records when headed into divorce settlement negotiations. Procuring copies of all accounts, including banking, brokerage, credit card, and others, could help paint a definitive financial picture. The spouses could look at assets and liabilities to determine who has and who owes what. Knowing whether debts are solely or jointly held is critical.

Seeking an equitable distribution of assets could work in both spouses’ favor. That said, the spouse with lower earning potential might need the best settlement possible.