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Ways to prevent teen drunk driving

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | DUI / OVI, DUI Resources

One teen dies every hour on the weekends from drunk driving accidents in Ohio. Additionally, one teenager dies every two hours during the week from drunk driving accidents. Teenage drivers seem to be particularly at risk of drinking and driving due to their lack of good judgment and understanding of the true consequences of drunk driving. While some may consider these suggestions a bit excessive, there are ways to help prevent the incidents of teen drunk driving.

Parental involvement

Parents should never stop educating their kids about the dangers of drinking and driving. Children need to be instructed on the responsibility they take for their own safety and the safety of others every time they get behind the wheel. Moreover, parents should also remind their children of general motor vehicle laws and regulations that will help them be more responsible drivers.

Underage drivers that could be considered DUI/OVI should also feel they can call their parents for a ride rather than getting behind the wheel. Young adults need to know they can count on their parents to be there for them, even when they have made bad decisions.

Vehicle modifications

Legislatures are proposing changes be made to automobiles that can prevent teenage drunk driving. One such proposal is to require breathalyzers to be installed in any vehicle an underage driver might operate. The teen driver would be required to blow in the breathalyzer in order to start the vehicle. If the teenager is under the influence, the vehicle won’t start.

Other suggested modifications are to install eye scanners that have the ability to check for ocular focus while driving, and infrared touch scans that must be performed before starting the car. While some of these modifications may seem a bit reaching, they may be the best preventative of an accident so severe that a DUI/OVI attorney may be needed.

Certainly, parental involvement with teenage drivers is one of the best preventative measures to keep them safe while driving. Setting clear expectations of their responsibility as a driver could be the deciding factor in saving their lives and the lives of others in a completely avoidable accident.