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Can We Share an Attorney When Divorcing?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2017 | Divorce

Most people know divorce can be costly, particularly when a couple goes through litigation. However, some people wonder whether they can split the cost of hiring an attorney to make the process a little easier on their wallets.

Whether or not this is allowed depends on the state in which you live. Some states allow it, but even when this is the case, the rules of ethics of most bar associates prohibits it. Because many bar associations consider it a conflict of interest to represent two opposing parties in a lawsuit, it isn’t usually done.

However, in places where it is allowed, it can still create a problem. During the divorce process, there are sometimes points of contention or disagreement. For example, if two spouses are warring over custody, how can an attorney represent the interests of both parties if both want full physical custody?

What you and your spouse can do to save money is to try and agree on as many things as possible beforehand. To help you negotiate, you can both hire a divorce mediator, many of whom are attorneys. In mediation, a neutral 3rd party can ethically work with both parties because they are there to give legal information, not legal advice. They also don’t take sides. Their job is to help both parties identify issues, come up with options, and agree on resolutions.

If your divorce is entirely amicable and you and your spouse have no children, you may be able to file yourselves. However, having an attorney or mediator look over the specifics of your divorce settlement can often help you avoid simple mistakes or prevent you from overlooking an important issue.

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