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Does a drunk driving arrest affect insurance coverage?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2021 | DUI / OVI

Insurance companies accept the risks associated with a particular client. When someone causes an accident due to being intoxicated behind the wheel, an auto insurance company may cover the losses up to the liability coverage limits. Ohio drivers might feel relief that the insurance policy paid for the damages, but there could be concerns about the provider dropping clients due to DUI offenses.

Auto insurance and DUI charges

When a customer receives a DUI conviction, an insurance company has the right to cancel a policy. The policyholder has rights as well. The insurance company must notify the driver of the cancellation, so the policy won’t face an overnight termination. If the cancellation letter points out that the policy faces termination in 30 days, the coverage ends on the specified date.

State laws vary. Usually, an insurance company could cancel a policy for any reason within the first 60 days. Afterward, the provider must provide coverage until the term’s end. However, the insurance company has no obligation to renew the policy if the driver causes an accident or otherwise presents a high risk. Ohio drivers could check their specific policies for terms regarding cancellations concerning DUI charges.

Insurance troubles and DUIs

A DUI conviction may lead to license revocation. Insurance companies could cancel policies based on the revocation alone. Convicted drunk drivers could find problems following them elsewhere, such as employment possibilities.

Even though someone faces intoxicated driving charges, it may be possible to procure insurance coverage. Numerous providers won’t cover a person with a drunk driving conviction, but “high-risk” insurance companies may do so. Expect the premiums associated with these high-risk policies to be expensive. The greater the risk, the greater the cost.