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How to fight a DUI/OVI charge

In Ohio, many people who are charged with DUIs have little or no experience with the criminal justice system and might not know what to do. There are several steps you can take when you are pulled over for a suspected DUI to improve your chances of successfully defending against your charges. Making the right decisions from the start is important for beating a DUI charge.

What to do when you are stopped

Police officers must have reasonable suspicion that you have committed a crime or traffic violation before they can pull you over other than at a sobriety checkpoint. Even if an officer does not initially pull you over on suspicion that you are driving under the influence, they can still develop reasonable suspicion based on their observations of you after they approach your vehicle.

If you see police lights behind you, immediately pull over at the first safe place you come to. Stop your vehicle and roll down your window enough to hand the officer your driver’s license, insurance information, and registration. Do not admit to drinking, and do not try to talk your way out of an arrest. It is best for you to keep talking to a minimum beyond giving your name and contact information. If you are asked to submit to roadside tests, it is best to politely refuse. However, you should submit to the chemical tests at the police station or jail after a DUI/OVI arrest.

While you might think that a DUI charge may be impossible to beat, it is still possible to defend against these types of charges. You might be able to challenge your stop, arrest, or the investigation that was conducted by the police. In some cases, breath or blood test results might also be challenged.