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How does a DUI conviction affect job status or applications?

There are many Ohio employers that will not hire anyone with a criminal record of any type, especially those who have been convicted of drinking while driving. Even those who are convicted of reckless driving based on a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.05 or greater can experience problems when seeking employment in certain industries. Some states like Ohio have a violation category of “wet” reckless driving that applies when BAC readings are questionable or drivers do not test at the 0.08 level of presumed intoxication. A conviction of DUI or intoxicated reckless driving will establish an undesired criminal record that could affect a person’s job status or application depending on the industry.

Commercial drivers

One of the types of employment that can be denied for a prior DUI is any job that requires an employee to drive while on duty. Vicarious liability in accidents is a serious concern for all employers using rolling stock in business operation, and the primary criteria for employment is usually a clean driving record regarding all rules of the road. Commercial drivers are held to a 0.02 BAC level when on duty, and even a DUI conviction off duty can be very problematic even if their commercial license is not suspended.

DUI conviction while employed

Not only can job applicants be denied employment due to a DUI conviction, but those who are employed can also face problems at work when they are cited. Depending on the facts of the case, even a first offense can result in a 30-day suspension of a driver’s license. Serious cases or cases of refusing testing can result in even longer suspension periods, which can easily impact the employee’s ability to get to work. Truck drivers or other commercial drivers could find themselves unemployed quickly following a DUI conviction.

Driving under the influence is a crime, and many employers are very particular about who they hire to perform jobs where driving is an essential responsibility. If you’re facing a DUI charge, you may want to retain an experienced DUI attorney to help you avoid a conviction.