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Can I still work if I’m a nurse and plead guilty to a DUI?

As a nurse in Ohio, caring for others is an important part of your job. But, being a nurse sometimes means dealing with stress. Considering that, you might find yourself wanting to unwind with your friends for a few drinks now and then. Unfortunately, you might find that this leads to you getting pulled over for a DUI or OVI. When this happens, is your future working in the nursing field over? Here’s a closer look at what can happen if you’re a nurse that pleads guilty to a DUI.

Potentially facing criminal charges

First, it’s important to learn what will likely happen after getting pulled over for a DUI/OVI. If you plead guilty to this crime, you’re going to be facing criminal charges. The exact charges or punishments you’ll face depend on your criminal history or lack thereof. Typically, you’ll serve jail time, pay fines, and/or attend mandatory meetings.

The future of your job as a nurse

While it’s hard to avoid criminal charges after pleading guilty, receiving a DUI as a nurse might not impact your job. What happens to your job after a DUI conviction depends on the state you live in and their board of nurses. Certain nursing boards look at your history of DUIs and the details of your conviction before deciding your future. Other nursing boards might avoid any investigation and revoke your license right away. It’s also possible for a nursing board to put you on probation or temporarily suspend your nursing license.

Dealing with a DUI conviction can be a difficult time in anyone’s life. If you need help with your DUI/OVI case, it could be beneficial to get in touch with an attorney.