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Bouncing back from a DUI in Ohio

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | DUI / OVI

There are few things that can derail your life as quickly as a DUI charge can. Individuals in Ohio charged with driving under the influence often need help getting their life back on track after the dust settles.

Consider seeking treatment

If your DUI stems from an addiction to alcohol, you should seek treatment for your disease before you worry about getting your license again and getting back on the road. If you are an alcoholic, seeking treatment is nothing to be ashamed of. Professional treatment for alcoholism can help you avoid future DUI charges and ensure that you have the tools needed to move on with your life.

Build a support system

Once you’re charged with a DUI, your reputation will probably take a significant hit especially if you live in a small town. With your mugshot potentially floating around on social media and people discussing the circumstances of your case, the process can be very isolating. Surrounding yourself with a support system of people who love you and believe in you is vital.

SR22 insurance

Drivers convicted of a DUI typically have to obtain a new type of motor vehicle insurance, known as SR22 insurance. This process can seem incredibly confusing at first, but working with an insurance agent who is familiar with SR22 insurance can help make things smoother. You must have insurance to be able to drive again, and this is the type you need.

The attorney who represents you in your DUI case might be a key part of getting your life back on track after your DUI conviction. He or she may represent you in court and help get you in touch with the people needed to help you land on your feet after a difficult time.