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What if you end up facing drunk driving and drug charges?

When police pull you over for drunk driving, you might think your night couldn’t get worse. However, what if police see drug paraphernalia in your car? Or notice the smell of marijuana coming from your vehicle? What will happen if you end up getting arrested for drunk driving and drug possession?

When police stop your vehicle

When police pull you over in a traffic stop, they need a reasonable reason to do so. That means they must believe you may be committing a crime. If they stop you for drunk driving, they likely noticed that you were driving erratically or missed a red light or stop sign. If when they talk to you, they notice alcohol on your breath or the smell of marijuana in your car, they may ask you to complete a field sobriety test and check your vehicle for drugs.

You may not realize that you can decline having your vehicle searched. That’s often when police find illegal drugs or weapons and drivers end up facing more than drunk driving (OVI) charges. You also can invoke your right to remain silent and request an attorney if officers place you under arrest. If you are arrested, you shouldn’t answer any questions from police until you have an attorney present.

Seeking an attorney’s help

Seeking an attorney’s help is important any time you face drunk driving, drug or gun charges. An attorney can review your case and possibly help get your charges reduced. An attorney also can prepare a defense against the charges and seek ways to have penalties from a conviction lowered. You want to do all you can to preserve driver’s license, maintain your freedom and avoid a felony conviction, which is why having legal representation is so important.