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Why do drunk driving accidents increase during the holidays?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2020 | DUI / OVI

Most people in Ohio view the holidays as a time to relax and visit with friends and relatives. However, the holidays are also a time when fatal car accidents skyrocket. An increased number of people are drinking and driving, which can have serious consequences if they’re not stopped by the authorities. In fact, studies have shown that drunk drivers are responsible for 40% of the fatal accidents that happen around Christmas and New Year’s.

Why are there so many accidents during the holidays?

Holiday celebrations typically involved a lot of alcohol. You can find alcohol just about everywhere you go: office parties, family dinners, get-togethers with friends, church functions and more. People who don’t drink much alcohol might find themselves drinking a lot during the holidays. If you’ve got a low tolerance for alcohol, you’re going to get intoxicated a lot quicker.

If you’re consuming drugs or alcohol, you should always find a sober person to drive you home. Unfortunately, many people don’t do that. They get on the road while they’re drunk and end up crashing their vehicle. If they’re lucky, they might be pulled over by the police before they cause an accident. They’ll be charged with a DUI/OVI and might risk losing their job because of it.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, over 300 people die in drunk driving accidents around Christmas and New Year’s. It doesn’t take much to qualify as a drunk driver–all you need is a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or more.

Where can you go when you’ve been charged with a DUI?

A DUI charge can leave a permanent stain on your record. And if this is your second or third charge, you could be looking at serious consequences. A DUI attorney might be able to challenge the evidence and produce a favorable outcome.